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OutdoorsInsurance.com, a program of Blue River Underwriters, specializes in serving the outdoor recreational hunting & fishing industries, in addition to many other types of outdoor sportsmen activities. We help protect the vital interests of sportsmen nationwide.

Hunt/Lease Program (read more)
Whether you or your clients are members of a hunting club, or a group leasing land from a landowner, liability insurance is essential. Hunters need liability insurance to protect themselves, other members of their hunting group, the lessor and guests.

Rod & Gun Club Program (read more)
Clubs can offer many different activities to its members as well as shooting & educational events open to the general public. We offer general liability to cover all types of activities as well as coverage for property and mobile equipment.

Guides & Outfitters Program (read more)
Your clients rely on your expertise to provide them with the best possible experience, along with the realistic chance of success.We have avid sportsmen on staff who know outdoor business exposures. We offer protection for guiding operations by providing the coverage needed through our expertise in both the insurance and outdoor sporting industries. (CLICK TO QUOTE ONLINE.)

Hunting/Fishing Resorts & Lodges Program (read more)
A hunting/fishing resort or lodge has many working parts and operations. Our expertise in the outdoors and over 70 years in the insurance business provide us with industry knowledge needed for your insurance coverage and protection.

Special Events Program (read more)
We offer General Liability coverage for events that are either short in duration or otherwise not eligible for coverage in the standard insurance market.